Buying a diamond ring online may seem like risky move without seeing or holding it first; however, according to experts, bargains can be found as long as you know what you are looking for. Here are our tips for successfully buying a diamond ring online.

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Diamonds have proved to be the most popular precious stone, with over 80 per cent of brides presented with diamond engagement rings.

The type of metal should be selected – white, yellow gold or platinum – and your budget set. Deciding on a ring will then be much easier.

Diamond quality

Firstly, find out the diamond’s quality. Diamonds are graded on their clarity, colour, carat-weight and cut, which determine the stone’s brilliance and sparkle. For peace of mind, choose a diamond ring that comes with a certificate to recognise its quality.

For buying diamond rings online, browse the website of a specialist such as

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Size can often be a big concern when buying a diamond engagement ring online. There is no way to guarantee the perfect fit when buying a ring online or in store, but there are a few tips to get the fit as close as possible.

The most effective method is to borrow a ring from your intended’s jewellery collection that is worn on the fourth finger of the right hand. Download a ring sizer online to help to determine the ring’s size. Remember that the majority of engagement rings can be altered after purchase, so try not to worry if the ring you choose is too small or too big.


A new concept in shopping online, a virtual visit to a store allows you to shop online and live. This technology enables you to request to view certain pieces of jewellery, with a diamond expert showing you the piece from every angle and answering any questions you may have. VIS-tailing can offer the best of both worlds, with consumers able to browse and explore diamond rings in one room.

Jewellery stores can be an intimidating environment, despite how friendly and helpful the staff may be. Customers often feel pressure to make their choice and purchase a ring, but online shopping removes this tension. Research can be conducted beforehand, and different styles can be browsed from the comfort of your own home.