There is so much tech in vehicles nowadays that it’s more like driving a computer. Some of the tech has become such a part of our daily lives that we’ve come to rely on it a great deal and would possibly struggle if we had to drive without it. Here are some examples of the technology that defines our modern vehicles:

#1 Electric Power Assist Steering

EPAS can help to improve a vehicle’s fuel efficiency and increases safety. Modern vehicles that come with EPAS can save 1 mpg and come equipped with safety mechanisms like lane keeping assistance. Most manufacturers are producing more electric power assist vehicles in an obvious shift away from the traditional hydraulic systems.

#2 Direct Injection

This is the process where fuel shoots directly into the combustion chambers instead of going through the intake manifold beforehand. This is a much more efficient process as when the fuel takes a longer route, many inefficiencies occur in the burning of the fuel and energy is wasted, leaving you not getting the most out of your money at the pump.

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#3 Infotainment

If you though modern cars were just about getting from A to B then think again. Infotainment was once only found in high-end luxury vehicles but is becoming increasingly standard. Such a system enables you to play music from many different sources, get directions, find out about local attractions or where to get something to eat. Send tweets, control the climate and get traffic updates all from your centre console screen.

#4 Active Safety

More of the driving has been taken away from us but that’s got to be a good thing, right? Active assist means your car’s computer will take over to keep you safe. Such features include lane keeping assist, 360-degree cameras, collision prevention, active parking assist, steering assist and active blind spot warning. All this technology is designed to keep us protected and to help us with the tricky stuff, like reversing and parking. For Truck Camera Systems, visit

#5 Crash Protection

Built-in crash protection systems shape the vehicles we drive today, literally. To withstand the pressures of modern driving, vehicles have become bigger and a great deal more complex. Materials are lighter and more horsepower is needed for bigger vehicle frames. These are the considerations that influence the shape and design of a vehicle.

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#6 Push Buttons

Only us fossils drive a vehicle that still requires a key to unlock the doors and to start the engine. Modern vehicles come equipped with key fobs and push buttons that only need to be in your pocket for you to touch the handle and open the door. No more rummaging around for ages in pockets and handbags for a big, jingly, heavy set of keys.

#7 Smartphones

The more we became attached to our phones, it was only going to be a matter of time before they impacted on our vehicles too. From audio and then Bluetooth, vehicles now offer complete integration with systems such as Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.