If you are heading back out to work after a lengthy spell working from home, you may well be getting the car out for the first time in a while. What many people forget or don’t realise, is that if you haven’t used your car for a while, it may require a bit of TLC and it is good to check that it is functioning normally – you don’t want to be in need of someone like this car recovery Swindon based company on your first day back at the office!

The first thing to do is to give the car a good clean. If it has been stood for a wild it may be a little stale, so open the doors and windows, get some air in, and clean the inside and outside of the vehicle. Finish it off with an air freshener.

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Check that your MOT and car tax are up to date – it might sound like an obvious one, but it is important, and it may surprise you how many people forget about it!


Tyre pressure is important to check after the car has been standing still for a long time – tyres can lose pressure over a long period of time sat still, and it can be dangerous if the pressure is too low.

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Look under the bonnet – A car that has stood still for a while may have attracted creatures to nest inside the bonnet, so it is a good idea to check that you don’t have any guests – especially mice, which may damage parts by chewing through things.