Pistons are important components in the engine of your car. Your car would burn oil too quickly if they aren’t working properly. Your pistons also help maintain your oil pressure levels. You will need to be aware if there are problems with your pistons so that you can have them addressed.

How Are Pistons Damaged?

There are a number of ways that pistons can be damaged. Here are some of the causes that you should be aware:

  • Combustion caused by a poor fuel mixture
  • Exposure to excessive heat (general temperatures over 600°)
  • Lack of lubrication
  • A failed timing belt

As you can see, most piston problems are caused when other parts of your fuel system aren’t working properly. You will need to monitor your timing belt, oil levels and other parts to make sure that it works properly.

Are Your Pistons Going Bad?

You can face serious engine problems if your pistons stop working properly. Here are some signs that they may be starting to go bad:

  • Your pistons are making a slapping noise while you are driving.
  • Your engine is producing a thick, white or gray smoke.
  • Your engine is burning oil much more quickly than before.
  • Your engine has difficulty accelerating.
  • Your vehicle isn’t working as well as it used to.

You need to pay close attention to these symptoms and have them addressed as soon as possible. Your engine will probably fail shortly after your pistons stop working. Make sure that you are aware of these problems well in advance. You can face thousands of dollars in engine repairs if you ignore the problem and your piston fails down the road.

You can either diagnose the problem yourself or take it to a certified automotive specialist. You will need to attach a compression gauge to the cylinder of your vehicle and try to run the car with the plug removed. The gauge will help you determine if there are any compression problems, which will let you know if your piston may be faulty. You can buy a compression kit at a number of automotive parts stores.

Replace Faulty Pistons Right Away

You need to replace damaged pistons immediately to protect your engine. This is especially important if your piston is making a very loud slapping sound or producing heavy smoke.

Make sure that you buy your piston from a reputable auto supply store like this one. Ask them what the failure rate of the part is that you are purchasing. You want to make sure that you aren’t going to need to replace it again 1,000 miles down the road or face very expensive repairs if the piston stops working.