When it comes to establishing an online presence for yourself- whether it is for a start-up business or for your own personal career development- a strong and stable domain name is of the upmost importance. These names can be purchased, but there are different classes of domain names available, including premium domain names. So what is a premium domain name and why are they more valuable?

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What Is a Premium Domain Name?

According to KickstartCommence.com, premium domain names tend to be names that were registered in the early days of the internet back in the 90s. They are hugely valuable titles, with some names costing thousands and going as high as millions, and are short and snappy names that reflect the nature of the website. So now that we’ve established what a premium domain name is, what is it that drives their value in comparison to your average domain name?

High Value and High Visibility

There are various positives when it comes to a premium domain name. Despite their expensive nature, premium names can help to improve consumer trust as well as increase the value of a brand. This makes premium domain names particularly handy when it comes to business ventures where establishing a brand is one of the most – if not the absolute most – important aspects. These names also create a higher level of visibility, driving more traffic to your website and making it easier to become visible on major search engines.

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There are plenty of ways to go about obtaining a domain name – whether it a premium one or not – and the easiest way to make a start is to explore your options. Many websites offer this kind of service, such as https://www.names.co.uk/web-hosting, where you can make a start on deciding on a domain name through secure hosting services.

There is plenty of value to be had with premium domain names, especially if you are planning on setting up a website for a business. The ability to attract more web traffic and increase the value of a brand are invaluable elements that seem to be the driving force behind the costly nature of premium domain names. What is clear is that researching premium domain names and figuring out if they are right for you will certainly be worth your time and effort.