Humans and animals are incredibly musical beings, responding to different tunes and instruments sound with immediate emotion that comes from somewhere deep down. Have you ever noticed how different types of music can make you feel and respond differently? Or sometimes when you’re in certain mood, you are drawn to one genre of music over another? Different music has very different effects on the body and brain and here are some examples:

Classical Music

You’ll be amazed at the effects that listening to classical have on the brain and behaviour. It has been shown to deter crime. Some train stations in London trialled the playing of classical music and over the 18-month trial period, crimes of assault, robbery and vandalism all fell. It is thought that classical music is calming or provides an increased sense of community. It also gives the impression that the area is well-cared for or there might be someone responsible who is watching.

Interestingly, when shops play classical music, customers make more purchases of luxury and high-end items.

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Jazz Music

Jazz has a wonderfully relaxing effect on both the body and mind. This kind of downtempo music with less than 60 beats per minute is perfect for synchronising the brain to the same tempo and making alpha brain waves. Alpha brain waves are the ones that are created when we are awake but in a relaxed and calm state. It is thought that both jazz and sounds of nature have this effect on the mind.

Pop Music

Pop is great for raising energy levels and boosting endurance, particularly for those doing exercise. Pop music can provide that boost of energy needed for that extra push during training. Rock and pop music have been proven to improve physical performance thanks to its upbeat vibes that could act as a distraction, allowing you to push your body a bit harder than you might if there were no music being played. Perhaps this is why many stores choose upbeat music, to encourage customers to stay a bit longer and feel more energised while they shop. For help with Music for business, visit

Heavy Metal

You probably wouldn’t choose this to relax to, but it is good for boosting self-confidence and a strong sense of self. People who listened to heavy metal in their youth, have a stronger feeling of identity, were less likely to feel regret and more likely to be involved in community projects. Sounds like a great reason to get headbanging!

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Rap Music

Rap is a powerful tool in the fight against depression. This could be that many songs in this genre tell tales of oppression, beating the odds or fighting against adversity. This can be life-affirming and help those with their own struggles to feel stronger and more positive.

So, next time you want to put on some tunes, why not switch it up and listen to something new or different and see how it makes you feel? You might be pleasantly surprised!