Marketing budgets have gone through the roof over the past decade or two, with so many new and innovative ways to reach out to audiences and market a product or service. However, not all businesses have the luxury of a never-ending budget to work with, so how can they maximise their spending when using tools such as Google AdWords?

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What is Google AdWords?

Google Ads, also known across the industry as Google AdWords, is Google’s in-house advertising system that offers customers the opportunity to pay for certain keywords so that their clickable ads will show up in Google’s search pages. Advertisers pay for clicks on results pages, thus making Google money from searches.

Planning your AdWords campaign

Being organised ahead of setting up your Google AdWords campaign is absolutely essential to getting the most out of the service. In fact, if you aren’t very detailed about which keywords and which individuals you want to target, there is very little use in bothering with this marketing method and it could end up costing you money with no return. In other words, get all of the research in that you can first before you part with any of your budget, and if you won’t be fulfilling the task yourself, make sure that your marketing assistant is in the know about the best ways to use Google Ads.

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Choosing your Google AdWords match

If you’ve used it before, you’ll know that Google offers three different match types for target keywords, all with their own advantages and disadvantages. Choosing the right match type for you helps you to keep your advertising costs under control and find the correct balance between expenditure and eventual profit. For example, if you are a domain hosting company, you may wish to use the term ‘website hosting’ as an Exact match or you might select Broad match and offer up a description of the service on offer to entice clicks, like ‘ can provide information and hosting services‘.

Another thing to be considerate of is Click-Through Rate, or CTR, which can become costly if good campaigns that rank highly on Google aren’t developed.

Of course, all businesses have different strategies so there is no one answer for using Google AdWords, but these tips should help you get on your way with advertising with Google!