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When it comes to staples in mens fashion you need look no further than the humble shirt. Throughout the years the hems have been lengthened and shortened again, removable collars and cuffs added and formal and casual shirts such as the Mens Farah Shirts that you can find at places like have become favourites with men around the globe.

During the 20th Century many notable changes were made to this fashionable garment.

In the early part of the century it was still fashionable to have a high, stiff collar as this was deemed to represent formality and the shirt became synonymous with formal, upper class gatherings. Also during these early years the detachable collar became less of a necessity as the washing machine started to make an appearance and the return to attached collars began.

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With more and more men looking to the shirt as an item of business wear the earlier popular rounded collar was soon overtaken by its pointed counterpart and we have, for the most part, remained this way when it comes to shirts for workwear.

During the 20th Century the colour of a person’s shirt was used to determine their work status with blue collar workers being those that individuals who worked in more manula positions with white collar workers being those in management who were less likely to get their hands (and their shirts) dirty.