Health is indubitably, the most important aspects of our existence which plays crucial role in the productivity, creativity and general functioning of individual. Hence you need to be always proactive in seeking the best ways to stay whole and hearty. Here, we are going to provide you the 10 most efficacious tips to remain healthy:

1. Start your day with breakfast – Most of the people skip their breakfast because they don’t feel hungry or they are getting late for their work. But you should keep this fact in your mind that after sleep our energy levels are low and to refill it breakfast is very important. it provides much needed energy to body and you can work for longer period of time without lacking in energy.

2. Make a nutrition food chart – Food that contains all kind of nutrition’s such as vitamins, proteins, minerals etc. are very important because all these elements helps body for proper functioning. These are also important to repair the damaged parts of our body. Milk, fruits etc. are the best health foods that contain all kinds of nutritional elements. Different kinds of fruits and vegetables are good for different parts of our body. These are the main source of nutrition and provide instant energy to our body. They are also easily available at affordable prices.

3. Avoid food that contains high amount of saturated fats and bad cholesterol – Foods that have large amount of fats can’t be listed in best health foods. In fact these types of foods are hazard for our health because it affects our body and increase weight and health issues such as heart-attack, blood pressure problems and many more. Therefore avoiding such foods are good for our health and we can avoid many serious health issues.

4. Drink lot of water – Water is very good supplement that naturally removes toxins from our body. Dehydration affects coordination between mind and body and cause nausea etc. if the amount of needed water is not fulfilled, human can die from 24 to 72 hours and that depends on the weather conditions. Therefore drink as much water as you can throughout the day.

5. Say big ‘NO’ to smoking and alcohol – Smoking and alcohol are deadly for our body. It deteriorates immunity system and invites problems related to respiration system and liver.

6. Take proper sleep – Sleep is the best way to give rest to our body and mind. While we sleep, our body repairs our body parts that are damaged during the activities performed. Proper sleep give revitalize our mind and body so we can work in effective and accurately.

7. Reduce stress: you need to reduce stress from your life if you want that you enjoy a healthy and long life. You need to find balance between your work and leisure.

8. Create space to follow your passions: You need to be actively creating the life that you want. This will help you in being harmonious with your true self and leads to happiness and feeling of optimum state of well-being.

9. Say “yes” to sunshine: there are many people who face depression due to living indoor. Hence, you should try outdoor activities regularly.

10. Make way for herbal remedies: It is best to make way for the natural and herbal remedies to stay healthy and cure health issues. When combined with best health food you can enhance your health, immunity and productivity.