During the winter it can be hard for all of us – not much sun, lack of holidays and the unpleasant cold are not things that many of us enjoy, but for older people the winter can be a deadly time of the year.

It is important to keep a close eye on older people through the winter, particularly if they live alone. Here are some things to be aware of…

Loneliness is something that affects many elderly people. It causes depression and low energy levels, so it is important to stay connected to them. Even if you just phone up for a chat or have a Zoom call, it is important to keep in touch, especially as many people are busier around the festive season and the elderly may be feeling alone and unloved.

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This is a particularly hazardous time for those who are less mobile or unsteady on their feet. As well as snow and ice, slippery autumn leaves mean that even a simple walk outdoors may be perilous to some older people. Making the most of things like these mobility aids from Ability Superstore can make an older person feel much safer and more confident with getting out and about.

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The cold is a big killer and for older people in particular who are much more susceptible to it. Make sure that rooms in the home are warm enough – having a thermometer in the house is a good idea – and keeping moving, even if simple armchair exercises is essential.