With its bright colors, they can attract our attention and that of the smallest. But energy drinks are not drinks for children or for pregnant or women who breastfeed. It is drinks with high caffeine content that has adverse effects on these people.

But what are energy drinks? We have to stop it because they are often confused with other drinks that are not harmful, isotonic (or “sports”). These are rich in salts, minerals and vitamins, so they are suitable after completion of exercise, to replace these items.

Energy drinks are not recommended for children, pregnant or breastfeedingInstead, energy drinks, later appearing on the market are composed of substances such as sugars and taurine and caffeine. Caffeine has diuretic effects that alter electrolyte balance and can increase the risk of dehydration.

These drinks have effects in children and adolescents such as lower sense of wellbeing, low self esteem, depression, poor school performance, poor quality of sleep, childhood obesity, hypertension, dental problems and bone…

In pregnant adverse effects also occur because the substances reach the baby through the placenta (and affect the rest of the mother) and not energy drinks are recommended in infancy, since caffeine in large amounts can go to baby and make you insomnia, irritability …

Regarding children, it is widely known that consume more juices and sugary drinks than recommended, but more children than we imagine taking energy drinks in surprising amounts : up to two liters of these drinks per month.

Therefore, according to the report by the Scientific Advisory Committee on Food Security, the Public Health Agency recommends, aside from not consuming caffeinated energy drinks simultaneously with alcohol, avoid consuming energy drinks in pregnant women and nursing, in children, people sensitive to caffeine, with heart diseases or neurological disorders.

Of course, after doing some intense physical activity to replenish fluids and salts not have to consume energy drinks but water (it is the best drink for athletes children) or isotonic drinks. We remember: the best is almost always water, water and more water. Natural juices and milk also ideal to hydrate and cool in summer and in any situation.

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