We are all slowly starting to move away from our home computers and back into the office as restrictions finally start to end in the UK. For many people, working from home has come with its own challenges, and they are eager to once again get back into the office.

However, it may not be quite as we left it before lockdown. As we know so much more about Covid and how it spreads now, there are lots of things that offices can do to make them safer for the people who work in them.

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Regular cleaning is important – it is a good idea to have a professional deep clean done regularly by someone like contract cleaning Cheltenham based company Big Green Cleaning, but it is also important that cleaning happens at regular intervals. Pay particular attention to things that are regularly touched and in busy areas – photocopier, doorhandles etc – you could also leave hand sanitiser in these places so that people can use it before they touch.

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As well as cleaning increased ventilation and the way that we lay out a room is also something that can limit your chances of catching any nasty bugs. Open windows as much as you can to increase the flow of fresh air coming into the room – particularly if you have a small office.

You can also arrange desks so that nobody is facing each other, or if they are, you can put clear plastic dividers between them to make sure that droplets are not spreading from one person to another.