It is very frustrating to go daily to the gym and not see results. When that occurs, it is time to analyze what we do and how we do it, to detect failures and propose solutions. Let’s look at 5 reasons why your fitness routine cannot work.

Sometimes simple faults or a thing that we overlook us debunks all gym work. Many times its own fitness routine that is a failure in itself, so do not move. Let’s look at the main reasons why a bodybuilding routine may fail…

Do you really have a fitness routine?

It is the first question to ask. If your fitness routine is a standard shift gym, you may not serve you. Such routines may be useful for beginners in bodybuilding, but when looking for a breakthrough may fall short or simply exercises or distribution of routine not suits our features or objectives.

When we take the issue of weight training seriously, want a personalized training, and adapted to us, touches read and study a lot about the subject, to follow proper routine or advice well with a professional to analyze what we want and raise a proper routine. My advice is if you want a quality routine, seek quality people (although that involves a small outlay, it may be worth).

Experience also has much to say in this regard. When we keep giving weights time, depending on what we can know if a routine wider comes to us well or make a full-body is what we need at that time. Each body responds differently routine: experience, compare and choose the best for you.


Knowhow is basic exercises

It is another failure based on a bodybuilding routine. It is essential that we know well and do the exercises mastered the technique. Otherwise, it will not work the muscles that aim, fatigue that we are not interested or can even incur the risk of injury. A good mastery of technique required to do the exercises without much weight and observation of an expert to tell us whether we do well or not. Make them in front of a mirror also, can help us.

Especially exercises as fundamental as squats, dead lifts, bench press or dominated, we must control them and know how to perform them. Another issue also with respect to how much weight is put exercises. Exercise intensity should be in progress and we are conscious of our limits. Move little weight will not get much we progress and will make you execute exercise evil and have more risk of injury and overtraining.


Like, it controls the rest periods between sets. Depending on the objective you want to achieve and our fitness, recovery times between sets and between exercises change.

Feeding should also be part of your fitness routine

A physical good and make our muscles grow has a lot to do with what we eat. We cannot pretend train well in the gym and muscles to grow alone. We need food and nutrients to build muscle in the best possible conditions. In this regard, the optimal protein consumption and quality of these are very important.

Proper pre-workout post-workout food and can help us face the gym session in the best possible conditions, as well as recover sooner and better. Supplements like creatine can also give us a push if we are looking for better performance and results.

Rest is essential for routine work

Equally important is training to rest for a bodybuilding routine to take effect. Ensure good sleep habits is going to help create the right hormonal environment so that with proper training and diet, the muscles grow in the best possible conditions.

With rest, we also refer to minimize situations of daily stress. A lot of pressure at work, long days and family problems negatively affect a bodybuilding routine. Make sure you are fully rested before going to the gym to train, like trying not to be too stressed or continue making an effort after training.

If we talk about training insurance that comes to mind, perform the aerobic or anaerobic exercise. It is partly true and is at the end of the one of the main instruments for perfect muscle condition. However, there is an important part of the training that we do not often consider even look bad and it is the rest.

Surely many people are not going through your head the point that must be taken into account. We have spoken on other occasions of the importance of keeping the Sabbath day to keep evolving in training, but this time, we will give the fundamental reasons why it is necessary to rest because the rest is part of the training and it is necessary to have it in routine.

Important to develop more

First of all, it is necessary to bear in mind the importance of rest is when progress.This is because when we train the muscles are subjected to stress that it is not usual. That is, exercise and pressure cause the fibers to break and recover is the only way to grow properly. In addition to following a proper diet too properly, nourish.

Because of this stress that occurs in the muscles it is necessary for the body to recover, and for that rest is essential. Rest muscle recovery will be faster and better, and it will get more muscle growth and improved performance and readiness in future workouts. Well – rested muscles will be much more effective and will help us achieve better overall results.

The importance of planning routine

For this reason, planning it is essential when contemplating the rest in training. We will distinguish two types of rest. The first would be that performed between sets when training. Depending on each person and physiognomy, we have an answer or another to training, and therefore, it is essential not hurry up muscle endurance when training. It is essential to respect the breaks between sets and thus get to be much more effective when properly execute the routine.

The second type of rest is made between training days. This rest is that many people jump and is fundamental. To do this we must consider that, at least, a week there to keep two or three days off. After this, we interleave between days of active training, because in the background the rest is a passive training that cannot be overlooked.

Are you constantly in training?

The principle of continuity in training is essential. We must give constant encouragement to muscled during the week so that the corresponding adaptations that lead to gain muscle mass occur.

We must avoid having more than one day of rest followed or, at least, to be somewhat sporadic. It is not going to the gym daily long time, but to avoid having much rest time between a train and another because the adaptations that make muscle grow, may begin to fade.

If our bodybuilding routine does not work as we would like, it is probably due to several factors. We must stop and think, analyze what kind of routine we have, how we eat and if we rest properly. What is certain is that, as Einstein said, “If something does not work, follow not doing the same.” Of course, good advice from a professional will be essential for the bodybuilding routine work.

Training antagonistic to achieve a perfect balance

However, we have spoken many times about the importance of working all body parts equally. In addition, more when it comes to opposing areas that need to be strengthened at par as the imbalance between these can be high if you do not consider .Therefore, this time, we want to stop in the parts that usually work and antagonistic, especially to have a reference to the time to train properly.

The main problem is that many people to see that part develops more, or is more aesthetic, tend to focus on training her in detriment of the rest. In addition, many others may have little or lack in what refers to muscle training knowledge. It is, therefore, important to do a review of the main muscles trained and must be accompanied by the work of their opponents.

Lumbar VS Abdominal

First, we are going to focus on a classic that we often overlook. It is lumbar. The lower back is often the most overlooked, because very few people work, as usual. What we usually have in mind is their antagonistic, the abdominal wall. It is true that aesthetics usually work more often, but it is true that imbalances in this area can bring about imbalances that result in injuries to the lower back, plus an incorrect posture. It is, therefore, advisable to work both sides of the body to par.

The Dorsal VS Pectoral

Other antagonistic muscle groups are the pectoral and dorsal part. Many people stop working back because it is too widens and do not seem aesthetic. Strengthen the area does not go through an exaggerated hypertrophy, because if we work the chest is necessary to have a strong sword because it is the key to avoiding back pain and discomfort that may occur with the passage of time and imbalances caused by a bad job.

Triceps VS Biceps

The same applies to the biceps and triceps. It is two very antagonistic muscle groups and is, therefore, ideal work them both with the same intensity to get the best results and avoid imbalances between one party and another arm. However, the same applies to the part of the forearms and indirectly is a part antagonistic to the top of the arms. Therefore, we must not forget to train to avoid imbalances and achieve greater muscle strength in the arms.

Top of the lower legs

Something very similar happens with the legs and often gives more importance to the top of legs, which includes in turn a powerful antagonists area such as the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes at the top. The work of all these parts has to be compensated. The good news is that most exercises involve them all. However, the twins are usually like forearms, a forgotten part that we must work to avoid imbalances and get strong legs in full.