The other day we saw tricks to make your terrace more welcoming and today I want to show you some ideas so that you can give joy, color and personality to your outdoor spaces.

We are in summer and want to make the most of these outdoor areas. Whether you have a small balcony or a larger terrace or if you fancy decorating the porch, pay attention to these proposals with which you can give life to what is surely the favorite place in your home.

1.- Design a natural space

If you want your terrace, balcony or garden to come alive, nothing better than creating a beautiful natural space in which the plants are the protagonists. You can put pots of different sizes and shapes, colorful flowers, plants with large green leaves …

Add some other natural element such as, for example, some decoration in stone or natural fiber textiles.

Look at this example. Although the space is not too large, some plants and fabrics will always give you a lot of personality.

2.- Colorful and cozy mediterranean style

A style that I like a lot to decorate the terrace is the Mediterranean. It is bright, cheerful and warm at the same time, ideal for designing an outdoor space with personality and style. The white color will be one of the protagonists; You can combine it with blues and some touch of red, for example.

3.- An outdoor dining room

Another idea for your outdoor area to be full of life is to design a dining area to enjoy pleasant moments outdoors around a table and a delicious meal.

For this you will need a table and chairs, some textiles and some light so that this area is comfortable and you can also dine on the terrace with a nice lighting.

And, as I said before, there is no need for the available surface to be huge. There are solutions for smaller spaces, such as folding tables that are directly attached to the wall. You can not invite many diners but they are perfect for a more intimate evening, do not you think?

4.- Give your creativity wings

We are looking for ideas to make your terrace full of color and joy and for this you can make use of different crafts with which you can customize it to the fullest. We remind you of some that will help you create some unique details to place on your terrace or balcony.

5.- A hammock

Now I propose that you create a relaxing corner in which to enjoy silence, a good book or some music. Place a hammock on your terrace and simply lie on it without thinking about anything else.

In addition to comfortable, it is very decorative. In this space for disconnection you can also put some plants, candles or a garland of LED lights to make it even more cozy.

In this example they have even chosen to put several of them around a wooden table. Undoubtedly, a special place that invites us to relax in a privileged natural environment.

6.- The importance of textiles

We have already seen some small brushstrokes during this selection of ideas to decorate your terrace this summer but I would like to dedicate a space to them. Sometimes we do not realize the importance of textiles also in outdoor environments, both in winter simply by placing a blanket on the chairs and also in summer.

Tablecloths, light fabrics if you have a sofa or chill out area or some patterned and cheerful cushions will give a turn to the decoration of this place.