Christmas comes again, one of the most endearing, familiar and fun times of the year. Maybe this time, for the first time, you want to decorate your garden and you are looking for ideas.

In a matter of tastes there is nothing written, so we will provide information that will provide you with other ideas and that way you will build your authentic Christmas decoration.

1) The first thing we are going to think about is a motive, all based on lights, or stars, or snow, leit motiv that will allow you to continue growing in the creativity of your spaces.

Choose a color, your favorite color, Christmas has always been red and green, even redder, but it is also white, gold or silver. The most elegant thing is not to mix colors, if you want to give a touch of distinction choose a color and fill it all with that same tone.

2) Think of the lighting, perhaps the most important thing, the white lights go with all the colors. Actually, there are houses full of white light bulbs that stand out for their light. There are families who change the drawing of their house every year with the same light bulbs, increasing in a proportion and designing a new motif, the whole front of the house, the little trees the fence, everything that has shape.

Actually, the most common thing is to put the same decorations again and again doing something monotonous preparation, but as this is the first time we decorate a garden we can invent.

3) We can economize, if we think a little, and, at the same time, have fun making the whole family or friends participate.

A good idea, if we have a pine tree in the garden or in front of the house, is to make great fictitious gifts with large cardboard boxes, simply papered and with a ribbon and a ribbon. You can put light inside if the materials are appropriate and safe, or just light bulbs around.

There are many things you can paint. If you choose a color, you can collect large pineapples from the field, or spruce branches and paint them with spray the color of your Christmas, or if they are 2 colors chosen, play with both. The Christmas always is joy and fun, but also the preparation and implementation is also an appointed day, make a special meal, invite part of the family to participate and spend the first day of white parties or color you want to paintDecorate your garden at Christmas