It is not necessary to have a pisazo or a spectacular case to apply in it the techniques or knowledge of a decorator. My mother always said that for their normal home, theirs was already there. That she was interested to see and enjoy the spectacular houses that appeared in the big decoration magazines, or in the reports of the first pages of the Hello! (A classic if ever there was).

The truth is that reason was not lacking because all housing (however small or simple it is), is able to improve its image through the simple tricks that decorators and stylists use repeatedly in the montages or styling of those “casoplones ” That although it is true that these tricks look more and better with large windows and many meters, are also applicable in your “humble abode” where they will improve their aesthetics and the sensations that it transmits , with a little skill and affection that you put.

With the symmetry you always hit

The most applied resource in Ancient Greece and Rome is symmetry , (you see that it is new). They used this resource in their buildings on a recurring basis and remains one of the most effective and easy resources to apply also in the interiors. Especially indicated for the most squared and lovers of order, as the name implies implies using symmetry in a space after imagining a dividing line in some more or less large piece of furniture.

The most illuminating example is that used in any bedroom where it is decorated as if an imaginary line divided the bed and the spaces on each side are symmetrical. If you place the same tables, cushions and lamps, they will guarantee an orderly and clean view of the space.

But this resource also serves for spaces on either side of a door or a window or also on the back wall of the sofa , where two or four frames of the same size and similar theme and colors work symmetrically.

Or at the entrance or in the dining room with the consoles or sideboards as centers to be divided . These work very well to place on each side two identical lamps, some very similar or symmetrical decorative elements, with a vase or a plant in the center of the composition.

Cushions gracefully on the couch

That you see them (those of the magazine) and you say there is something there and I do not know what it is, but they are not as rigid or as funny as mine. An accurate hit with the side of the palm of your hand, judoka type, in its upper half and you will find the result you are looking for.

The use of mirrors

Nor is it something that has been invented now. The most exemplary case is that of Versailles and its spectacular hall of mirrors. What do you think and say, what did they have at the beginning? A long and narrow area; like a giant hall full of windows on one side. What did you do? Place opposite mirrors and with the same shape as the windows facing these and thus, multiplied the light and width of the corridor, generating a very Wow effect , which makes it so famous.

So you know, do not think so much about where to put a mirror to see you full body, (that too) but to take advantage of those walls in the dining room in the living room or even the hallway , which receive natural light to multiply it .

Pictures with perspective or cheat

I remember the house of a neighbor of my parents when I was little I had to be an art lover. At the end of his long corridor he had placed a replica of Millet’s gleaners.

Compose coffee tables to give volume and grace to the living room

That you see it, and you say, how nice but then you think and where do I put things? (for things we accept the feet, and the cup of coffee or wine that you take when you want to take a break)

Well, use a tray in the composition that includes a nice table book, a small pot … (where the TV controls will also be safe), and continues composing the table in the style of the decorators. Some element of more height as a vase or figure , and when you use the table you can collect on the tray all the items contained in it, and leave it on the other side, or under the table.

Composing the surfaces makes your house look more vivid and warm, so why not?