Who doesn’t like to live in a well furnished home with the greatest comfort? Yes keeping the things well organized reduces a lot of overhead of searching items when required and it improves the looks of your living place as well. There are many ways in which one can decorate the home. But the critical issue is faced when one has the fix the ugliest corner of the house. And it is breath taking when it comes to kids corners.

Here we provide you with some tips to arrange things on and surrounding your study table. It comprises of goodies which are too small and very many in numbers. You need more amount of partitions and shelves than your cupboard would provide you. No issues then……..You can make your own shelves and partitions, boxes and pencil stands to keep everything right in place. Firstly we would learn how to make partitioned boxes to keep all your tiny things like rubber, pencil, stapler, pins all separate and all in one place. You can use cardboard sheet to make the box.

Home Decorating Tips

Following are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Take the measurement of the drawer from within where you want to keep the box.
  2. Cut the cardboard sheet half inches more in length from all four sides. This would help in fixing the vertical walls to it.
  3. Measure the height of the drawer from within. Measure the length and breadth of your initially cut cardboard piece. Now with the length on one end and the height to the adjacent cut another two pieces of cardboard. Repeat the same with the breadth on one side and the height on the other. Your walls are ready.
  4. Now stick these walls to the periphery of your cardboard sheet vertically. So your huge box is ready.
  5. Now you need to partition it from within. But you need to brood upon the issue. Your box would be containing long pens and pencils, lengthy scales, and small things like cello tape cutter, rubber pencils etc. And all need to have shelves according to their sizes.
  6. Using the cardboard sheet partition your box in varied sizes. Keep longer sides for pens and scales and partition the rest of the space minutely.

So your box is ready. And now you can maintain tidiness even within the drawers and shelves and keep every thing well organized.

Again you can use the same technique to make pencil stands. If you have some old coffee cups you can paint them with the paints you have and reuse them. They will surely hold all your pencils, sketch pens and it would be handy enough for you to get them when you need. You can also make two stored, three stored shelves for your moving tiny papers and scrap pages. Its better to build your own tack board and tack the important pages on it. All you need to have for it is a soft board, and a velvet cloth. Stick the velvet cloth over the soft board and let the extra cloth go behind the board. You can use tack pins to tack your pages, greeting cards and can also decorate it with laces surrounding the borders.