Autumn is the perfect time to check your lawn for common problems such as moss and weeds, and your lawn will be in top condition come spring with the proper treatment.


Whether it’s a spring tine rake or the essential ingredient for a good lawn, looking after your lawn is made simpler with the right tools for the job. The right tools should also include DIY Spare Parts for Mountfield Spares.

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It is necessary to perform a multitude of tasks, from clearing away moss to scarifying your lawn with the layer of thatch that will have built up over the summer months. Using a spring time rake or a mechanical scarifier for larger grasslands, scarification can be easily accomplished. Removing the thatch, the organic material such as leaves and grass cuttings, would make it easier to enter the grass roots with more sunshine and water, resulting in a healthy lawn by spring.

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By aerating the soil, it is a good time to relieve soil compaction. Aeration is the process of putting down lots of holes in the soil to allow the grass roots to be reached by air and water. Tools such as spiked shoes, a pitchfork or a hollow tine should be used and with a topdressing the holes should be filled in. This will boost your lawn’s drainage and condition, facilitating maximum growth in preparation for summer recreation.


It is time to apply an autumn-winter lawn feed with the cooler evenings setting in. This will give your lawn the boost it needs to fight disease, withstand freezing, and cope with the months ahead of the cold winter.