Buying a first home is a fun, exciting and also daunting time in your life! There is so much to think about once you have saved up that all important deposit – finding a solicitor as well as someone to do a survey on your home like this building survey Chelmsford based company, as well as looking for a good removal company to use when the big day finally comes.

But first things first, now that you have your mortgage offer in black and white its time to start your search for your new home! Start by looking online as well as registering with local estate agents. If you are moving out of the area, be sure to do plenty of research on an area that you might be considering moving to before you make a commitment.

Once you have arranged to look around a property, there are a few things to look out for. You can make multiple visits to the property so don’t worry that you only have once chance!

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Look for signs of damp. This could be flaking plaster, patches of mould or water marks on the walls and ceilings. Also, if a room has been repainted it may well be covering up a damp patch. This is definitely something to avoid so be thorough in your investigations!

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How Much Storage is there? This can often be overlooked but decent storage space is a valuable asset. Newer homes tend not to have as much storage space as older houses, but it depends on your plans for the house and how much you have to store but bear it in mind if you have future plans!