These days, a garage isn’t often used to store cars. Instead, they are used to store anything but, and regularly completely overrun with everything that doesn’t seem to have a place in the house – sports equipment, tools, old toys and lots more. It’s easy to see how a garage can soon become disorganised, but there are ways to overcome the mess and create some sensible storage solutions. Of course organising your garage is only good if you can easily access all of the items in it so a fully working door is essential and this is where a Garage Doors Bath company can help you.

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Start by clearing out everything you really don’t need any more. Be honest. If it’s broken and you’ve still not fixed it, get rid of it. If you’ve not used it in over a year, get rid of it.

Build Some

All storage needs to be functional, and by making it flexible too, you cover all eventualities. Make space for tools, cleaning equipment, toys and anything else that would benefit from being stored on easily accessible garage shelving. If boxes are closed, label them clearly.

Clever Tool Storage

Rakes and brooms can be trip hazards if not stored carefully. Keep them organised by making clever vertical storage. Fix two batons to the wall horizontally, and then stick some six inch lengths of UPVC pipe to the wood to hold tools safely. It can also help you find the tool you need more easily as everything is visible.

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Bikes are another thing that can benefit from vertical storage. A simple hook can keep bikes organised, and can facilitate access to one at a time.

Keep things you use regularly at the front of the garage, easily accessible, and at a height you can reach without bending or stretching. Save the harder-to-reach spaces for things you use less regularly. When storing things for a period of time – for example, Christmas decorations – be sure the box is clearly labelled and well sealed. A plastic box is less likely to see damage from damp or pests.

For more creative ideas of how to organise your garage, check out the suggestions from Home and Gardening Ideas.

As with any space, keeping it organised and tidy will help you to make the most of the room available and use it to its best advantage.