Think you may have blocked or broken sewer pipes? Here are some common signs:

1) Blocking wastewater

Sanitary sewer backup usually occurs at the lowest open channel. A sewage backup is usually caused by a blockage somewhere in the line. If you run a backup every time you run water into the sink or bath drain, the issue is most likely with the main sewer pipe as all subsidiary drains run from this main line.

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Regular backups could be a symptom of a rupture or damage to the sewer. If you regularly experience backups even after cleaning the pipes, you may have an underlying problem such as a tree root intrusion, cracking or pipe misalignment problems. These problems can be detected by screening a video of the gutter. You may benefit from Drain Lining available from Wilkinson Env

2) The smell of sewage

If you smell sewage in or around your house or building, it is a telling symptom of a gap somewhere in your system. A sanitary system must remain airtight along its entire course. So, you should never be able to smell the sewage unless there are holes in your sewer pipes.

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3) Mould Problems

As well as the aroma of sewage, the evidence of mould can also be a symptom of a sewer pipe behind the wall having been compromised. Certain moulds need little more than 55% moisture to start growing. A broken pipe behind the wall can heighten the humidity to a level where there is a problem with mould. If you spot fresh fungal growth along with a bad smell, your waste drainpipes may be defective.