With house prices rising, more and more of us are turning to renting. Whilst there are multiple benefits to renting, like the chance to move whenever you please and properties that are available are fully furnished, it is often difficult to make a rental property really feel like your own. Landlords often have a long list of rules to prevent changes in the interior. However, despite this, personalization is possible and not as hard as you think. Here are some tips:

  1. Add some personality

The key to personalization is to provide a touch of personality. Including features such as photos and warm lights will instantly make a room feel like your own. Although most landlords would not be too happy about blu-tack marks, you could consider picture hooks or temporary solutions that can leave the walls untouched.

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  1. Add a touch of colour

Often in rented properties, you’ll find plain white walls in every room. Landlords typically prohibit the redecoration of the walls, however, this does not mean you cannot add a touch of colour to your home. Add colourful accessories like cushions, vases and rugs. Couple muted tones like grey and beige with more vibrant colours that complement each other.

  1. Work with what you have

Personalising your rental space does not have to break the bank: release your inner artist and see what you already have. Upcycling is a fantastic way of doing this, changing budget-friendly furniture with a simple coat of paint. If you absolutely can’t stand a piece of furniture that the landlord has left, consider using your own furniture and keeping the landlord’s safe in storage. For Self Storage Chorley, visit a site like Andrew Porter Self Storage Chorley.

  1. Bring the outside in

Ornamental plants to be owned and is a brilliant way of making you feel cosier. For example, cacti are famously low maintenance, so there’s no stress over forgetting to water them every day. For those who wouldn’t describe themselves as green-fingered, artificial flowers and pot plants work really well too, with many very real-looking ones to choose from.

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  1. Less is more

Minimalism is often the key, especially if your accommodation is on the smaller side. Embracing storage to create more space. Shelves are a great way to free up more floor space and show off your prized possessions such as books, picture frames and trinkets. Or, remember that you can make use of self-storage options, that can suit every budget and free up smaller homes from clutter.