As climate change reaches a point of no return, you are likely feeling a sense of urgency to do what you can to reduce global warming. Humans produce a lot of carbon dioxide which is the largest contributor to global warming. There are a number of things that you can do to decrease your carbon footprint when out and about, and in the house, such as buying items that are sustainable and plastic-free. Here are some ways to make your home more eco-friendly.

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Firstly, use an energy provider that only uses sustainable energy. There are many to choose from and the costs are usually cheaper than the big companies using fossil fuels. Install a smart meter if the company you use offers them. Smart meters are great for reducing the amount of energy you use because you can know exactly how much electricity and gas you consume. Even better would be to use solar panels.

To conserve more energy in your home, use LED light bulbs as they are more energy efficient than normal bulbs. Insulate your home to retain heat inside. If you are renovating your home, it can be a good time to do this, and if you are building an extension, remember that extensions lose heat more quickly than other rooms.

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Another thing to consider is the materials you use when renovating. Try to only get materials from local and sustainable sources. I recommend Oak Extensions if you want an extension that is eco-friendly. Timberpride Oak Extensions offer a variety of extensions that are handmade from local sustainable oak trees.

Lastly, put your food waste in the compost and limit it as much as you can by meal planning. Moreover, when cleaning your house, use natural cleaning products that don’t contain toxic chemicals.