The internet is an incredible tool both or research and for finding and purchasing products and services. Although it can be daunting to think about using the internet if you haven’t been an avid user of it in the past it has some incredible options, especially for those who have moved to   Park Homes Gloucestershire way and have retired from a full time working career.

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Family History – if you are interested in finding out about your families past and your ancestors you might want to use the internet for some family tree research. There are free sites you can use and some paid options as well. Most libraries have Ancestry membership where you can use their computers to conduct your research.

Study – why not look for something new to learn. This could be a formal qualification or just something that is of interest. There are many online courses that are available at varying prices where you can study everything from writing through to hobby courses such as painting and drawing.

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Connecting – the internet also helps to give you the option to stay connected with your friends and family all over the world. Social media channels have helped to keep this connection going, as have systems such as zoom and skype which have helped people to be able to see one another from any distance.


Shopping – more and more people are using the internet to buy items and it has opened up many options for people who are retired to stay at home and not have to worry about negotiating busy high streets and shops.