Here we are going to celebrate the joy of dance with some songs written exactly about how great it feels to move our bodies to music:

Footloose – Kenny Loggins

Is there a better song to revel in the delight of letting our inhibitions go and just breaking out into some dance moves? This infectious pop song is iconic thanks to its links to the movie of the same name. If you feel like a boogie, then this is the tune to blast out!

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Just Dance – Lady Gaga

Sometimes, after a hard week at work, all we want to do is meet our friends and go dancing. A few drinks, some laughs and a good workout on the dance floor is just the relaxation needed to recharge our batteries before the next working week arrives.

You Should Be Dancing – Bee Gees

If the Bee Gees think you should be dancing, then it’s time to dust off your dancing shoes. Not only is dance great for keeping you in shape, it encourages socialising and boosts mental wellbeing and confidence. Consider the benefits of Salsa Classes London by visiting

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Boogie Shoes – K.C And The Sunshine Band

Having the right shoes is key to making sure you don’t do yourself a mischief. Whether you are going to dance the night away in a nightclub or attend dance classes, make sure your feet are comfortable and well supported or your dance moves might be cut short by blisters.