You have some choices to make after you reach the age of 55. The kids have left home for most of us and we find ourselves rattling around in homes that are no longer well-suited to how we live our lives.


You may be asking how you can afford to find a house that is compact, energy-efficient, homely and accommodating in a quiet environment, too young to accept sheltered housing choices but too old to consider an apartment in the centre of town. It seems like an unlikely dream, huh?

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Thanks to the rising interest in park houses, the fact is that it is perfectly feasible and Park Homes Gloucestershire are excellent examples of this. Go to  Park Home Life and take a look.


What is a home in a park?


Park homes are now constructed to the same high level as other forms of construction, so a high-quality finish, built-in equipment, key plumbing and power, superb insulation and efficient heating systems can be required.

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You can be confident of finding like-minded friends, all of whom care about their little patch of Eden, cherishing the peace and calm, along with convenient access to nearby towns and rural villages, since park homes have been built for an older population. It’s no wonder that Age UK celebrates park homes for being simple for those who dread isolation, want something easy to handle, cheap to maintain, and with a group environment. They fit the bill perfectly.