For many people, lockdown was a chance to slow down the pace of life a little and spend time with family. Not racing around, and having a chance to spend more time at home for many people was something that they wanted to make a long term thing.

Some people have started to consider more options that may be better for them long term, and as working from home is something that many employers are happy to keep long term, this is an opportunity to up sticks and move out of the city, to the countryside to enjoy a more permanently relaxed way of life.

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The housing market has been one industry that has not suffered at all over the past year and is in fact booming. Rural estate agents such as these Gloucester estate agents TGRES have been overwhelmed with demand for housing in the countryside, as people look to move out of the cities and work somewhere surrounded by green fields and rolling hills.


Because the pace of life is slower and less hectic in the countryside, this can have a positive impact on mental illness. People often find that it helps with conditions like anxiety and depression to be surrounded by nature rather than being in the noise and hubbub of the city.

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It is also better for physical health too – with a wealth of beautiful walks on your doorstep and less air pollution it is a much better place to be if you want to improve your health or suffer from a long term health condition.