If you run your own small business, expenses can make or break your company. With the cost of business on the rise, free software for managing your company can help keep your overhead low and your profits up. With the help of open source and free software, your company can show growth and revenue. Here are 10 free software options for those small business owners looking to save time and money.

QuickBooks Simple Start Free Edition:

In the world of accounting software QuickBooks is king. With that said QuickBooks Simple Start Free Edition is the prince of accounting software. This free edition of the famous QuickBooks is available for small business owners to manage your business better. This software allows you to manage estimates, invoicing, accept payments, and keep track of your finances. This edition is designed for first time QuickBooks users so it will not allow importing of other QuickBooks files from other versions.


If your small business can benefit from full-featured management software, Icebergo is an option for you. It will allow you to manage inventories, purchases, sales, ordering, accounts, taxes, statistics, reports and more. It can even allow for multiple user accounts for your employees to log in.

Ultimate Business Plan Starter:

If your business is brand new and still in the planning stage, a little help goes a long way. Ultimate Business Plan Starter is software that takes you step by step through the business planning stage. Designed by small business owners and business professionals, Ultimate Business Plan Starter will guide you through the most important aspects of business planning as well as offer you tips from proven business practices.

Workflow Designer:

Every business needs to flow properly. With so many different processes and procedures, you can use a friend helping you design and create the workflow. Workflow Designer is that friend. It will help you map out processes and procedures as well as serve as a centralized access point for the data and graphics tools you will need to create the best workflow for your business.

Cworks CMMS Free:

There is two types of maintenance in business, required and preventative. With Cworks CMMS Free you can take advantage of computerized maintenance management software to keep you running smoothly. Cworks includes features such as asset and labor tracking as well as calendar based preventative maintenance scheduling, work order management, and employee information modules.

Cash Register Plus Free Edition:

From the folks at Intuit, Cash Register Plus is a free program designed for small business owners. It works just like a cash register allowing you to automate everyday retail chores as well as accept credit and debit card payments by integrating with your Intuit payment solution account.

Personal Payroll Manager:

If you are a small business owner with multiple employees, you will need software to easily track your payroll. Personal Payroll Manager is free software that does just that. It includes payroll receipts, reports, employee records and even timecards. This easy to use software can handle your payroll without the expense of outsourcing to a payroll company.

Compass Business Management Suite:

This software utility is that provides invoicing, income and expense tracking, double entry accounting, online document management, partner and customer database, and employee database. Other features include inventory volume and cost tracking, advanced analytics with trends and alerts, reporting, charts, and security and data access control. All of this and more for free.


If you are looking for a simple to use invoice software this is it. Invoicer is free software that can be used by any business. As you add items or services to invoice, they are saved and can be selected in future invoices via a drop-down box. You can even include shipping, labor, additional charges and credits. The software also automatically calculates taxes and discounts.

Reflect Free CRM Software:

This customer relationship management software is a must have for those who want to track their contacts and customer information, leads, accounts, and more. If you are in constant contact with customers, services, or leads, this software will keep your information and updates in one place. You can add notes, change contact information and even export the data in CSV format to open in your favorite spreadsheet software.

Running a business can be expensive enough without the added cost of management tools. With these free software solutions, every small business can benefit from no cost help to keep organized. Take a look at these available software and see which needs can be met without any additional costs.