Are you the proud new owner of a campervan, eager to get out on the road? Before you get going, take a look at these top tips designed to help you get the most out of the adventures ahead.

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1. Get familiar

Your campervan may be the biggest vehicle you have ever handled; therefore, getting used to things such as mirrors, parking and overtaking could take time.

2. Research parking options

You will have already made plans for where to store your campervan while you are at home, but you could be surprised and confused by the rules around towns and villages – even in your own area. You don’t want to be ticketed for making a mistake in a car park, so always try to check ahead of time.

3. Check licences

Always make sure anyone driving the campervan has the correct licence. 1997 is the magic year when the rules changed regarding driving heavier vehicles, with an additional test needed for certain weight vans if you passed the test after this date.

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4. Organise a good insurance policy

Make sure your insurance policy offers everything you need, including the contents. If you have a bespoke design, make a note of this on your application.

5. Buy wisely

Don’t go mad on extras and accessories contents-wise. Start with the basics and see how things work out to avoid overspending on non-essentials that take up precious space.

6. Make maps your best friend

Satnavs are great for general directions, but can be unreliable and inaccurate. Use them as backup rather than your only source of getting from A to B.

7. Be prepared

Always carry supplies and equipment to keep you comfortable if you have to overnight on the road.

8. Plan routes

Get the most for your money fuel-wise; for example, Welsh Coast campers can enjoy many miles of excellent scenery and open road.

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  1. Check out campervan groups.

    Both local and national groups are a great way to meet fellow fans and get tips and information on deals. If you find a great group you could end up travelling together in convoy and one way of marking your group could be to get Buggy Whips from sites such as There are plenty of vehicles that can use these for example racing cars, buggies and construction vehicles.

    10. Stay legal.

    Your family and friends will be keen to take a spin in your campervan, but are you equipped to carry a lot of people?