Digital entertainment is at the core of any connected lifestyle in the 21st century. It provides enjoyment and amusement with electronic gadgets that we used to see in the movies and never dreamed of owning. These are now seen as mainstream in shops on our high street, and most homes have them.

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What Is This Digital Entertainment?

People are passionate about their games, film buffs are excited about accessing new films, music lovers are able to download great music, and with new apps appearing every day, the world is at your fingertips. So what can we expect in 2017? Well, one big thing is Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality involves an environment that people can interact with in a way that seems real just through the use of electronic equipment. They can use a helmet with a screen that provides three-dimensional images. The VR market is growing at a rapid pace, with headsets such as Oculus Rift becoming available in the last 12 months. The film-making industry has benefited from VR over the past eight years, and now computer games are also assisted by VR. Microsoft is in the process of building the new Project Scorpio, which is thought to be an improved version of their Xbox. It is rumoured to have a huge 12 RAM, and the whole internet is waiting excitedly for its debut.

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Another exciting trend is VR casino gaming, with leading casinos like 888casino working alongside software companies testing out this new technology. Should this get off the ground, it will be one of the largest sectors in the VR industry and key for its future within the digital age.

Another form of digital entertainment in the home is home automation, which can be installed by a home automation company. This enables the homeowner to control their lights, sprinklers, thermostat and security cameras and more from their phone. More and more products are being made available which can be linked to a home automation system, such as washing machines, tumble dryers, central heating boilers and music systems.

2017 is enjoying a new age of technology. It’s a far cry from the early seventies, when we witnessed the birth of Amstrad and Betamax, but without these we would not be where we are today.