More than 50 million photographs are being shared on Instagram every day. Millions of professional photographers have found this social media platform a unique and efficient way to demonstrate their idea or concept. People associated with business have been using Instagram to promote brand awareness and through this way, they can generate huge web traffic organically.Instagram for SEO

Web sites can maximize their digital market impact through optimizing images on Instagram because people seriously love this social media platform and it is easy for the Instagram user to find companies by viewing their posts on the site. However, people associated with SEO work should consider Instagram as one of the most efficient tools for optimization the websites. Learn about some effective tips to use Instagram for SEO.

Create a Brand Profile on Instagram

Like other social networking sites, it is very important to have a complete brand profile on Instagram if you want to draw the attention of your target audience. If you are working hard to make your profile a hit in the social media site, then you should post an authentic picture or official logo of your brand, so that people consider your account as real.

You should remember that people will not visit your website directly, but if you attach your website’s link on your Instagram account, then it could divert the traffic to your official website.

Making the Instagram pics popular is definitely a great way to attract traffic because the more people will engage with your profile the more click on the web link will take place. The process could improve the rank of your website in Google search result.

Add a Brand Story with Relevant Images and Videos

Instagram can be a great platform to educate your potential customers about product and service. You can share images and relevant videos of how you run your business or make products through a suitable way.

In order to present your brand through Instagram, you will have to be smart and creative so that you can make all your Instagram contents interesting to other users. Making your Instagram account viable for SEO is as effective as buying Likes and Followers that you often find on effective platforms.

Take the Advantage of Hashtags

Hashtag is something that helps people to find an Instagram account quickly. You should invent a unique relevant keyword attached with hashtag for your brand. Here are some facts you should remember while creating hashtag for your brand.

Your hashtag should be relevant and convey you brand message
A custom hashtag can be a good choice for promoting contests on Instagram
Using too many hashtags can dilute your brand and may annoy people
Follow how popular hashtags are generating likes and comments on Instagram that directly influence the ranking on search engine.
Link Other Social Media Site with Your Instagram Account

Connecting your Instagram account with other social media sites like Facebook and Twitter will offer you more advantage, because whenever you will post images or videos, your post will also be visible on other networking sites. Such activities will increase the visibility of your brand on different digital platforms. However, in order to increase the discoverability of your posts, you should use proper hashtags.

Engaging more and more traffic in your Instagram activities and diverting them to your official websites can boost your SEO. You can hold a contest on Instagram, where you can add a post about winning photos on your official website. This will help you to divert the traffic to your brand’s website and will offer a chance to boost your SEO ranks.

Along with these steps, it is very important to be creative in order to maximize the number of traffic and improving the brand impact on the social media platform.