Hey,you, read this article to learn about 5 great jobs for computer science majors!

Computer science is the science of the future and if you’re reading this article, it’s safe to assume that you might harbor an inkling of interest in the computer science field.  Well, that’s a good thing because our economy needs people like you and if you’re a computer science major, the world has plenty of high paying jobs that need filled. Want to learn about these jobs? Perfect, read on to learn 5 great jobs for computer science majors.

  1. Software Developer

Software developers are the artists of the computer world. These bright, creative individuals are responsible for writing computer programs for business and governments alike. Since we live in a technology-dependent world, there is no shortage of jobs for those looking to get into software developing, plus the pay is high with an average salary around $92,000. Consider choosing a career as a software developer if creating computer programs and even apps sound fun and rewarding to you.

  1. Database Administrator

If you didn’t know, big data is in and businesses across the world are collecting and analyzing data in order to improve their business. These businesses need someone who knows how to do this; this is where database administrators come in. Database Administrators are responsible for gathering, organizing, using and distributing the data of the organization. They spend their time analyzing user needs and use computers to store information. This job is in sky-high demand and you are paid very well for this job with an average salary around $70,000.

  1. Computer Systems Analyst

A computers systems analyst are the watch dogs of organizations. These professionals spend their time analyzing the needs of the organization and recommend solutions that make the organization’s computer systems more effective.

These professionals have to be great at communication as they will be working primarily with people who aren’t computer savvy. It’s their job to find cost effective solutions to business needs and successfully pitch their findings to management. Pay is good, averaging with a salary of around $79,000, and jobs are in high demand.

  1. Computer Network Architects

Computer network architects are the people who bring people together. They are tasked to design and build data communication networks which include wide area networks (WAN), local area networks (LAN) and intranets. This is a very tech savvy job where people can earn a great salary upwards of $112,000. Similar to a computer systems analyst, these professionals also have to search for ways to find more efficient business solutions.

  1. Web Developer

Any good student at the University of Maryland knows that becoming a web developer is a good idea. For the past 20 years, society has changed and people live life differently than their parents. A great career for computer science majors is becoming a web developer. A web developer is the person who made your favorite website. These professionals are responsible for designing, coding and all around developing a website. If you ever had any interest in creating websites, a career as a web developer is a good field to look into. The job demand is high and the pay is a respectable with salaries averaging around $63,000.