Your home is likely to be the biggest purchase you’ll ever make, and when you come to sell it again, you’ll want to show it off at its very best to make sure you get the best possible price. Professional photographs are worth it but can be very costly, so if you can take images yourself, you could save a few pounds.

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1. Use a Tripod

Getting photos right inside can be tricky. Artificial light can be very unflattering, but turning the lights off and relying on daylight alone can be mean very low light, which is also hard. Take a tripod so you don’t have camera shake on your images.

2. Wide-Angle Lenses Are Your Friend

First impressions count, and you want potential buyers to be able to see as much of the rooms as possible so there is more visible for them to fall in love with.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Edit

There is no shame in editing pictures. Almost all professional photography will include some sort of post-production, whether it’s making the grass greener or upping the saturation inside.

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4. Time Is of the Essence

In some parts of the country more than others, properties will sell in days. There is huge demand for some types of property, and because it can be so subjective, you need to be ready with your images quickly. That might mean you spend slightly less time editing than you would like, but without any imagery at all, you won’t sell.

5. Be Flexible

Be guided by your agent and take advice. Listen to their expertise. Look at other photos of properties to get a feel for the sort of things potential buyers are looking for, and see if you can replicate them. Try to remain objective and you will be able to sell my property in Cheltenham online.

Rightmove has some more advice on getting your imagery right.

If you don’t have the right success taking your own photos ahead of a sale, seek the advice of an expert and don’t be afraid to say, “I need help to sell my property online in Cheltenham at”

Whoever takes your photos, it’s worth taking some time to get them right. That might mean waiting for the right weather or for the right time of day.