This summer, there is a good chance that you will be leaving town for a little time off work. Indeed, going on holiday can be a great way to decompress and let go of all your worries. Whether you only have two days off or multiple weeks, just being able to rest and think can be a revelation. The last thing you want, though, is to worry about your car. If you have left your car on your street or in a dubious parking lot, your vacation could turn into a nightmare if you worry too much about your vehicle. This is why you want to take a few parking safety measures – to ensure that your car is safe and that the items inside are safe too. Here are five holiday season parking lot safety tips.

  1. Take all your valuables with you. The last thing you want to do is keep valuables inside your car, because if you are parked in a space for too long, someone will undoubtedly break the window and steal items that you have left behind. Thieves know when a car has been in a certain location for a certain amount of time, so be smart and leave everything at home or stuff items inside your luggage.
  2. Take the faceplate off your radio and sound system. If you have a detachable sound system, you want to take off the faceplate component and hide it at home. Ideally, you want to leave it at home, but if you forget, you can always put it in your bags. When a thief sees these faceplates, he or she will break into your car to steal your stereo system. This will not only result in a missing stereo system, but also a broken and damaged window.
  3. Make sure there is plenty of lighting in the area where you park. Bright lighting is important, because it deters thieves. When it comes to finding a garage to safely park your car in, you want to ask whether there is twenty-four hour lighting. If there isn’t, you probably want to find another lot. If you park in an area that gets too dark, there is also a probability that your car could also become damaged.
  4. Park in a garage that is specifically designated for airport parking. For instance, OneStop Parkingoffers airport parking that is not only safe, but is also affordable. Parking in a garage that is designated for people going out of town should give you a sense of relief, because you’ll know that your car will be well looked after.
  5. Don’t park too closely to other cars. When you are trying to find a spot, you want to make sure that you choose the spot with the most space. Also, if you drive a big truck, you don’t want to park in the compact parking section. Not only could you risk scratching the sides of your vehicle, you could also incite the rage of another driver who can’t get out of his or her spot – the last thing you want is to have someone key your car.