Do you know that you can make huge bucks with blog? Well, you need to sell ad space in your blog for making money. Selling ad space is a main factor for supporting your blog. If your blog has a fixed number of visitors, then you can make money by allowing different companies to place ads on your blog. You will be able to earn a certain percentage of commission depending upon the number of people who click on the ads and buy the advertised products.

5 Ways to earn money by selling ads on blog

Read on to know 5 ways to earn money by selling ads on blog.

  1. Set the price you will be charging for selling ad space– You need to set the price that you are going to charge for selling ad space in your blog. You may charge a fixed rate every month or if you want, you can charge a set price for each thousand page views. Make sure you determine the actual size of the ad space, the location and if you’ll be selling space for text links or graphic banner ads.
  2. Post details related to your blog– You can post details related to your blog in the webmaster’s forums. There are many webmasters who may repeat these forms to get support with monetization of blog, hosting, designing, etc. You’ll have to create a user account into these forums. Once you do so, you may create a post which will enable the community to know that you’re selling ad space on your blog.
  3. Install the ad server software– If you want to make money by selling ads on your blog, then you may install the ad server software. With the help of this software, you can keep a record for a specific ad that is running on your blog. The data collected will help the advertiser know if it is advantageous to pay for the ad space on your blog.
  4. Join a blog with a network of buyers and sellers – In order to make money by selling ads on your blog, you can join a blog that has a network of buyers and sellers of ad space. You may find that some networks have certain requirements before they allow you to join them. These may be high traffic, page rank, etc.
  5. Auction off your ad space on auction blogs –You may auction off your ad space on different auction blogs. When you auction your ad space, then this will give you the potentiality to advertise your ad space and promote your blog to several potential customers.

Everyone wants to earn extra these days. Probably this is happening because most people do not have a good job and thus, earn less. So, if you too want to make money and you have your own blog, then what are you still waiting for? The above-discussed ways will help you sell ads on your blog so that you can earn money.