The entrance to your home is very important. It not only allows visitors to come inside, but it is where they will form their first impression of your home. If you are trying to sell your property, then what is known as kerb appeal is absolutely vital. A messy entrance can put potential buyers off before they even enter.

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Make it easy

Finding the front entrance should not be an intelligence test. Help guests to see where they are going by providing a well maintained path, three to four feet in width, that takes people there with ease.

A good paint job on your front door is another way to liven up a dull entrance area. According to this report in The Telegraph, how a front door looks can be quite revealing about the people who live there. There are recommended shades that will add timeless appeal to your door, so investigate those before you opt for lime green with yellow stripes!

Manage the greenery

No one should have to fight their way through a jungle to find the front door. Make sure plants and trees are cut back and not getting in the way of the entrance. Plants in pots can look great, are maintained without a lot of effort and can be easily moved.

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Repeating elements can also work well to give the appearance of a harmonious design whole for the home. A decorative element above windows or doors can be repeated on an awning, for example.

You can also add personality to your entrance with decorative features, such as tiled steps, imaginative lighting, wood or metal railings, or even a wooden porch. A porch can be a versatile space for sitting and welcoming guests too. If you are interested in finding out more about oak porches, then contact experts such as Bespoak timber frames, who can give you advice on the options available for oak porches.

Do not neglect the entrance to your home. In many ways, the entrance is the outfit your home puts on to welcome people. Most people would not welcome guests wearing dirty, ripped clothing, so your home’s entrance should look smart and welcoming, to let visitors know that something good awaits when they cross the threshold.