If you are thinking of selling your house, then read on to discover the 6 key factors that the largest portion of the buyer market, the millennials, are looking for. Thirty five percent of the buyer market are millennials according to a US National Association of Realtors study carried out in 2016 and the market in the UK is in a similar position.

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Modernised kitchen and bath

A modernised kitchen and bathroom is important to these buyers as the cost of refitting can be very high.

Open plan layout

The kitchen is fast becoming the new living room and millennials prefer to have an open plan layout to move freely between rooms when entertaining, so an open plan kitchen and general layout is ideal.

Home office

More people work from home so a home office is important. Wise agents will point out to a buyer that a room could be used as an office. Choosing your estate agent is key. For example, if you are selling in Bath then choosing from local Bath estate agents such as http://www.pritchards-bath.co.uk means that the agent will know the market in your locale.

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Mobile and internet signal

Mobile phone signal strength and fast broadband connections are vital to millennials and a good estate agent will have considered these factors in the context of any property they are marketing.

Energy efficiency

Buyers in general look for homes with increased or optimal energy efficiency. They are conscious of protecting the environment and protecting their pockets.


Staging a home is important as it allows the buyer to see and feel how it would be to actually live in the home rather than rely solely on imagination. A good estate agent can advise as to how best to stage your property.

Online appearance

Select an estate agent with good online presence as this has a significant impact on whether a millennial buyer will choose to inquire further and view the property, with the majority of buyers in this group stating that they had first seen the property online.

Choose your estate agent carefully and make sure they can market your property in the best way possible to help you reach out to the dominant buyers in the market today; millennial buyers.