Spring-cleaning isn’t just for the house and that cupboard under the stairs that you haven’t cleared out in months. Your body needs just as much attention after a winter of sitting in front of the fire eating comfort food and under-exercising.

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Follow this spring clean regime for your health, and you’ll be ready to greet summer in top form.

Swap Bad Habits for Good Ones

Get out of that negative cycle and into a positive one. When you drop a bad habit and take up a good one at the same time, you get a double boost. If you’re tired, the best thing you can do is not to rest more and do less, but to rest less and do more. The more you do, the more you can do, so if you start to build up your stamina now, you’ll reap the rewards with an active and healthy summer.

If you’ve been over-indulging in carb-heavy foods, try switching to gluten free snacks, such as those from http://gofitnesslifestyle.com/what-are-the-best-gluten-free-snacks-for-health/, when you’re feeling peckish. You may find that some symptoms, such as bloating and stomach aches, clear up once you are eating less gluten.

Stand Up and Take Exercise

Sitting hunched forward while typing at a computer can lead to a myriad of back and neck problems. So take a look at your posture and make sure your body is in balance when you’re working. If you work at home, check that the height of your work surface is suitable, and adjust your seating if it isn’t.

A key recent discovery has been the huge health benefit that you can gain from regular periods of standing rather than sitting. If you can’t stand to do your job, then take regular breaks from sitting, and walk around the room to realign your body.

Poor sleep can lead to a range of problems, from obesity to depression. One of the best ways to ensure a better night’s sleep is to take regular daily exercise. There’s no need to go mad – a brisk twenty-minute walk is fine, and even if you do this at lunchtime it can have a positive effect on your sleep pattern.

Spring is a great time to start working to achieve a healthier, more active you.