There is little more refreshing and relaxing than a touch of nature inside the home. Bringing the outdoors in can provide more positive energy and create a more peaceful atmosphere. The perfect place for doing this is the bathroom. There is a reason why spas choose natural elements and plants in their décor – for the healing and relaxing properties they provide. Natural materials and elements are said to make us feel calmer, more energised and what better place to get this boost than the first room we enter in the morning – the bathroom. Here are some ways you can achieve the same feel in your bathroom:

  1. Make your windows a feature

The larger your windows are or appear means the more light and outside world you can let into your bathroom. If your bathroom has a view of trees, a lovely garden or a water feature for example, you’ll want to make that view more expansive to increase feelings of peace and tranquillity inside your room. You’ll also get more fresh air and tons more light by installing bigger windows or decluttering the space in front of existing ones.

Try to avoid the temptation to cover up windows with drapes or thick curtains. If you desire more privacy, think about translucent frosted glass or cleverly positioned plants. For all your bathroom-related needs, including decoration, accessories and furniture – consider Bathrooms Northern Ireland from

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  1. Include plants

If you want nature, then there’s nothing better than incorporating lots of fresh greenery into your bathroom. Real plants add a vibrant atmosphere, purify the air and reduce the amount of dust in the air. Plants are known to reduce stress feelings in those around them, so you’ll be benefiting your mood each time you use your bathroom!

  1. Use natural materials

It’s possible to use many different natural materials when decorating your bathroom. Choosing natural products as opposed to man-made ones will instantly boost the natural appeal of your bathroom. Try to incorporate furniture and flooring made from materials like bamboo, stone, hardwoods or cork for example. Choose accessories made with natural materials too, such as wicker or rattan and add in some sea shells or sand for example.

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  1. Earthy tones

Avoid bright or brash colours when aiming for a natural looking bathroom. Soothing earthy tones are the best choice. These are shades that remind you of stones, trees, beaches or the sea for example. This could include blues and greens or browns and tans, whatever your preference is.