Ever heard of a driver who ended up in a ditch? Or the motorists who don’t see the red ‘X’ on the smart motorway? Why do drivers end up in troublesome situations? Blindly following sat nav perhaps or looking but not seeing?

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Ignoring the signs

Red ‘X’ on the highway? Heavy flood waters? Surely those who ignore such dangers choose to ignore them?

It is true to say that some people would do this. After all, there is always someone who thinks the rules do not apply to them. But, ‘attitude’ is not the whole story. Sometimes the driver does not see the signs (they look but do not really see the signs or understand what they mean). It is very dangerous for road maintenance workers who rely on drivers to have their wits about them and follow the emergency signage and react to the reflective livery. For more information Chevron Kits, find a company offering Chevron kits for vehicle chevrons

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Satellite navigation problems

OK, so why do these things happen? Well, even something as current as satellite navigation technology can give wrong information, especially if you haven’t updated your device recently. If it doesn’t look right, then most likely it isn’t, so do not distract yourself or take your eyes off the road to look at the GPS screen for longer than absolutely necessary – be sure to continue to scan the road ahead and feel what you hear and see. Remember, when driving, it’s crucial to look and ‘see’ properly.