When choosing a holiday destination or hotel the first thing on your mind probably won’t be the bathroom. However, there are some incredibly beautiful bathrooms out there that almost make it worth the journey just to take a bath. Let’s explore some of these luxurious facilities:

Top of the list has got to be Osprey Pavilion on Kangaroo Island in Australia. The free standing tub is placed right in front of a huge window overlooking the stunning landscape of a pristine island. The tub is granite and the floors are heated limestone.

Kingston Treehouse on the Lion Sands Game Reserve in South Africa has some amazing views showing Africa’s wildlife. The house is elevated on stilts and offer panoramic views across the Kruger National Park. Imagine watching elephants stroll by while soaking in the tub.

Affresco Suite in Florence, Italy offers a very antique and glamorous bathroom and is anchored by a Bruschi fresco from 1886. It also features a soaking tub carved intricately from stone and is pure classic European decadence at it’s best.


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The Vina Vik in Chile has a very unique bath designed around the shape of a hammock and is made from carbon-fibre to be more comfortable and pliable. The tub is placed just in front of a window overlooking the gorgeous Chilean wine growing landscape. To bring a taste of glamour to your bathroom, check out the range of designer radiators at http://apolloradiators.co.uk/

For ultimate decadence, the Dromadaire Suite in Marrakech takes the trophy. Antique doors open to reveal walls that are decorated in hand-applied tadelakt (traditional Moroccan plaster). There is a marble tub and marble columns and is inspired by the way North African ladies would travel on a camel caravan.

Dedon Island in the Philippines was designed to test out a line of outdoor furniture and represents ‘barefoot luxury’. The baths are all made from locally sourced bamboo and yakal wood, the room features indigenous stone and a rain shower.

If you should find yourself in Hong Kong, then book a stay at the Ritz Carlton Suite. This bathroom boasts stunning views over the city and comes with an enormous jacuzzi. A rainforest shower and 270 degree panoramic view of Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island will go a long way to soak away the stress of a busy day in such a hectic city.