The City of Bristol straddles the River Avon and is situated in the Southwest of England.  The new Cultural Hub has been built where the old City Centre Port used to be and explores the industrial and social local heritage.  The old harbour warehouses built back in the nineteenth Century now house restaurants, art galleries and shops. If you are a student or looking for a great college or University then think seriously about the options Bristol has to offer.  The Universities of Bristol and The West of England for example and the South Gloucestershire and Stroud College are just three of the academically acclaimed places to study there.

Bristol is a vibrant multi-cultural City, it has a population of over 449,300 and is the largest City in the South West.  It has easy access to other Cities like Cardiff and within a short drive you will find beautiful beaches, rolling landscapes and our Capital City of London is only ninety minutes away.  Being an independent City Bristol is very proud of its history and culture, it has greatly encouraged sustainability and was the first City to be named a European Green Capital.

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Bristol has a long and prestigious history of trade and originally exported such things as Fish, wine, wool, cloth and dairy products.  The modern City of Bristol excels in the industries of, information technology, aerospace, financial, tourism and business sectors. The Royal Portbury Dock in Bristol has the capacity to deal with huge container ships and is home to the largest stock of imported cars. Bristol also manufactures aircraft engines at Filton and has a growing, thriving business centre.

Bristol is not just a great place for big business but it has a fantastic reputation for supporting small businesses also.  “Brave Enterprise” is the Business advice service for leading small businesses in Bristol. With a dedicated team of experienced, professionals they offer training and advice to thousands of people a year.