Can the right suit help boost your career?

Can getting the right suit for work help boost you up the career ladder and propel you to new successes? Yes, I think so anyway.

There are many ideals in life which tell us that certain things shouldn’t matter. If you are the best at the job at hand you should get all the glory right? Wrong…

Like it or not, appearances tend to matter, perhaps more than they should. But then again, having the look and making the effort to get it can tell people a lot about you. So if you really want to excel in your chosen career, you certainly need to be the best you can be at your job, but you also need to invest in yourself.

Here’s how to make sure your business attire always comes across well and gives the right impression:

1: Make sure it fits
Expensive men’s suits that are far too big for you will never look good; either pile on some weight or go get fitted.

2: Find the right budget
There is no need to blow your bank account on an expensive new suit or a flash new silk tie, but if all you currently have is a tatty looking 10 year old jacket and trousers then a reasonably priced new suit is always a wise investment.

3: Pick the right style
If you are in a modern, forward thinking sort of job then a more contemporary style of suit might reflect well on you. In a more traditional sector you might find that a more traditional style of suit is better received. Try to gauge the style preferred by the people who you most need to impress and go with that.

Dressing to impress is a great way to improve your own confidence and make you feel and seem more able to do your job well. You might find it actually makes you better at your job, especially if it gets you noticed and helps you to put your point across. One thing is for sure though, no-body ever lost out on a promotion because they dressed too well.