If you go down into your carpet today your sure of a very small, but also unpleasant surprise! Your humble carpet can provide a world of fun and frolics for a vast number of tiny mini beasts that are feeding of it. Please be warned if you are of a nervous disposition look away now! Carpets provide the perfect habitat for these little monsters as they happily feed off dropped bits of food, our dead skin cells plus the pile of the carpet itself. All a very tasty treat. Don’t think you can rid yourself of them by just hoovering, these clever little creatures are very adept at moving to the sides near the walls of the room and starting all over again. Let’s take a look at our house guests, shall we?

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Loving your dead skin cells is the house dust mite. This delightful mini beast doesn’t have any diseases, but it can aggravate allergies such as asthma. Worse it’s not the mites themselves but their poo that sets us off! Our skin cells shedding means we are a walking food supply for them.

Fleas are another unwanted guest these terrors love our warm and cosy homes and a nice fleecy pile is heaven to them. They love our dead skin again but also blood from their own poor, hair and good old food crumbs again. Give them a mild, moist winter and they are truly in their element.

The carpet beetle is well named as when it pops out in March it immediately decides to eat your carpet. Your woollen clothes and fabrics aren’t safe either as they will happily munch on anything expect pure synthetic fibres. Carpet beetles obviously have a taste for the organic! The following good reads article gives you more information about these little pests https://www.goodreads.com/author_blog_posts/4253624-carpet-beetles

Bed bugs not biting in the bed is also true of the carpet. They like to set up encampments near the bed in the corner of the bedroom though they do prefer your mattress given the choice.

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So, how do we go about politely asking these tiny terrors the heave ho. Rather than wait till they become established it’s a good idea to try and stop them coming in the first place. A good steam cleaning is a great start as the heat and moisture is too much for them to bear. For the most effective treatments for ridding yourself of these little critters it is best to contact the professionals.

Companies such as gnccontractservices who are a Cheltenham Carpet Cleaning Company. Regular vacuuming is a definite requirement. It’s time to get those attachments out if you have them as you’ll really need to get into the corners, along the sides of the walls of your home as this is the favourite place for them to hang out ready to cause mayhem. Don’t forget getting under the bed too. It’s also worth considering the layout of your rooms. If it’s practical placing sofas and chairs way from the walls so that nice dark spaces aren’t made is pretty effective and easy to do. It also allows you the chance to get around with the vacuuming and keep them at bay. Happy hunting!