Nothing derails carefully planned nuptials faster than members of the wedding party getting lost on the way to the ceremony. Reliable transport is vital, to ensure everyone is in the right place at the right time, and ready to relax and enjoy every precious moment. Fortunately, today there is a huge range of options to suit every taste, from formal to fun.

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Think ahead

The key to a smooth wedding is booking in advance, whether to reserve a traditional car such as a limousine, or a more exotic vintage Rolls-Royce. During the warmer months of the wedding season, these vehicles are in high demand, so it pays to organise them at least six months before the date. Rental companies will probably require a minimum booking of several hours, so it may be worthwhile reserving your transport for the entire length of the event.

Remember the guests

Some family members and friends may have already travelled a long way to be part of this special occasion. Providing a shuttle service between hotels and the wedding venue is a thoughtful touch. Then there are the hard-working bridesmaids and groomsmen. It’s not absolutely necessary to provide transport for them at your wedding, but if their ride is taken care of, they have more energy to expend on making the happy couple happy. Enabling your wedding party to travel together gives people more time to connect and eliminates issues such as parking.  If your booking transport for everyone remember guests will have different attire to take into consideration like for example suits, hats, shoes and Plus Size Dresses.  If your still planning what you want to wear to the occasion then visit sites like
Your choice

Unconventional methods of travel on the big day are becoming much more common. Some couples have picked a horse and carriage, tractor or tandem bicycle. There was a report on the BBC about an adventurous bride who used a skip to join her beloved. The important thing is to make a selection that reflects your personality and ensures everyone has a wonderful day. A popular choice will even make trundling along a motorway a memorable part of the wedding experience.

Indulge yourself

Don’t forget to add a touch of luxury, such as a bottle of Champagne to enjoy en route. To avoid stress, allow extra time for possible hold-ups, then no one will care about traffic jams, especially if sipping a glass of bubbly.