Once upon a time stereotypically a man would visit pub or a restaurant and would order a beer or spirit of some kind – usually whisky or port and a lady would order a glass of wine. Gone are those simpler days and we are now in the era of the cocktails and mocktails. Mocktails are essentially cocktails without the alcohol. Cocktail bars have opened up in the larger towns and cities and many venues are offering deals on these sometimes-spectacular drinks. You can even enjoy the experience of mixing your own cocktails during a specialist lesson. If you are having your own party you can even serve cocktails in the comfort of your own home or party venue. For example, mobile bar hire for your special event can be arranged through George Elliot Bars. So why not look for your local company and perhaps you will find a Leicester mobile bar hire firm.

To wet your appetite here are some of the most popular cocktails that can be found worldwide.

Old fashioned – this has topped the leader board for the last four years and is the favourite in a larger percentage of the bars worldwide. It is made from a sugar cube soaked with three dashes of Angostura and a small amount of soda, this is then crushed and stirred with ice and rye.

Negroni – just like an Old Fashioned the Negroni has occupied the second place slot for the last four years. It is a drink that is made up of 3 equal parts of Campari, gin and sweet vermouth and usually finished off with an ice cube and twist of orange peel.

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Whiskey Sour – This classic is made with lemon juice, teaspoon of sugar and topped up with bourbon and is served in a glass with ice, a lemon slice and a cherry.

Dry Martini – Similar to the drink of choice by James Bond however this dry martini is made with gin not vodka. Similar to its vodka counterpart it can be served with an onion or an olive and can be (in the words of Bond himself) shaken or stirred.

Daiquiri – the popular drink is a firm favourite with women and in particular with women on a hen party. It is currently the rum drink that is ordered the most across the globe. It is made with white rum, a sugar syrup and lime juice and is always shaken in a cocktail shaker and served in a glass with crystallised sugar decorating the edge of a glass and often a strawberry strategical placed on the rim as well.

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So that is the top five current favourite cocktails. Which ones have you tried and which ones will you add to your list for your next evening out?