Buying and selling a home has always been a stressful process, but the experience has become more time consuming, fraught and risky than ever. Once the preserve of the very rich, more and more ordinary people are now turning to buying agents, and finding that they could make the process of purchasing property easier and more cost-effective.

Could a property buying agent actually save you money in the long run

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Skilled professionals

As buying agents have become popular, they are seen less and less as a tool for those with deep pockets. New agencies have brought more people into the field and fostered networks of knowledgeable agents who are within the reach of average homebuyers.

These agents can find great properties, using all their negotiation skills to obtain a great price, and some only take a fee when the entire deal has been completed. In many ways, buying agents give purchasers the kind of tools that sellers take for granted when using estate agents to put their property on the market.

Many advantages

Apart from negotiating on your behalf, buying agents can get access to properties before they are launched onto the wider market, and they can ensure that a property really does meet all the criteria of the buyer. Screening out unsuitable properties can save the prospective purchaser an enormous amount of time and energy.

Competitive market

The philosophy of the buying agent is that they are working for the buyer, and many property buying agents in London say that they will save the buyer money on any property transaction.
The local knowledge of the agents obviously plays a part in this, so it is worthwhile approaching someone reputable, such as who will take care of all the details and sift out the inappropriate properties, while you are getting on with your work and your life.

Buying agents are governed by professional guidelines. The Property Ombudsman details the code of practice regarding this type of work.

When selecting a buying agent, it is a good idea to look for one with extensive local knowledge and satisfied clients. Then you can be sure that not only will they find a great property for you, but they will get it for a price that more than justifies the fee that they are paid.