Since both flashlight models are trending currently on the flashlight market a lot of people are hesitating between military flashlight and led flashlights. In my opinion both flashlight models are among the best flashlights on the market but when It comes to choosing between these 2 flashlights models there are a lot of factors that play a huge part that will help you in your dilemma.

For the past several weeks we have tested the best military flashlights and the best led flashlights for a research to determine which one is better. In this post we are going to show you the results from the tests conducted on the G700 military grade flashlight and the X800 led flashlight which are the best perfect example for both flashlight models.

Military flashlight specifications

People who like to be prepared in emergency situations where your life is being threatened like to own a military flashlight. Military flashlights are very compatible when it comes to life threatening situations but that doesn’t necessary need to mean that you can’t use them for recreational activities. The advantages that military flashlights have over every other flashlight models is in their operation modes. In order for a flashlight to be classified as a military flashlight it has to first fulfill certain conditions and the conditions that a military flashlight requires are: larger lumen capacity than 500 lumens, long lasting battery capacity of more than 48 hours and different feature modes. From all of the above mentioned conditions there are only several flashlight that fulfill these conditions. One of those several flashlight is the Lumitact G700 flashlight which is currently the most sold flashlight form 2016.

Led flashlights specifications

There are a lot of people who like to own the brightest flashlight on the market and usually the people who like to own the brightest flashlight are buying led flashlights. The advantages that led flashlights have over military flashlights is in their brightness and its long lasting battery capacity. Regular flashlight operates with a power of 300 lumens but a led flashlight operates with a power of 1000 lumens. The large lumen capacity isn’t the best advantage that led flashlights have over military flashlights. The best advantage that led flashlight have is in their long lasting battery life longevity. Unlike military flashlights who at maximum can last up to 48 hours of constant work led flashlight can last up to 72 hours of constant work with out ever recharging the batteries. There are a lot of flashlight that claim to be led but form my previous experience with led flashlight I can say that there is only one true led flashlight and that flashlight is the Shadowhawk X800 led flashlight.


If you are hesitating between these 2 flashlight models my advice to you is that you first must ask yourself for what purpose you need a flashlight. If you want to be prepared in emergency cases then military flashlights are the perfect option for you but if you like to have the brightest flashlight in the world then your best option are the led flashlights.