They say “keep your circle small and your drink cold”, I say “your circle can be big or small but always keep your drink cold”. Imagine a life without a fridge, no ice cubes, no cold drinks, rotten vegetables, curdled milk, no homemade ice creams, wastage of edible items, improper storage of eggs, no beer party with friends, etc. Well to prevent each of these things, fridges are necessary electronic appliances to be there in every house.

With so much global contamination resulting in extreme climatic conditions, a healthy life is impossible to have without having a fridge. People these days are so busy with their professions that they don’t get time to purchase home appliances. Even if they do, the appliances are so heavy on the pockets that a decent earner can’t afford everything. Even if somebody is capable of affording all the appliances then a very stupid check box asking “Are you willing to relocate?” in your job agreement letter which you checked because you wanted that job and show your dedication towards the organization comes to nail you down. You are bound to get relocated very frequently and you can’t say no to the transfer order. Yeah, the poor you get transferred to Pune city and taking your currently in use fridge will harm the machine and a damaged fridge will reach Pune city. Again you will need to spent thousands to get it repaired and if in 6 months you again get a transfer then whole exercise will be required to be repeated. The best solution is to rent a fridge in Pune.

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