Every year millions of cars are taken into garages across the country to have their annual MOT test undertaken. If you are looking for a Gloucester MOT company then take a look at  https://www.123carandcommercial.com

We all know that having an up to date MOT is a legal requirement of owning a car but do you know what actually happens during the test?

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Once your car is three years old (or four years old if you are Northern Ireland) you must arrange for it to have an annual MOT. There are over 21,000approced test centres across the UK and each of these will display a blue badge to notify customers that there are licenced to be able to carry out the tests.

The test essential checks that your car is road worth, it does not check the condition of your engine, gearbox and clutch. To have these items checked you should also book in for an annual service. Some people book in for their service and MOT at the same point to prevent having to have their car in the garage more than once.

An MOT will usually take somewhere between 45 minutes and an hour to complete however this could be longer if the car fails the MOT and any items need to be replaced or fixed so most garages tell you to make arrangements to have access to another car for most of the day and many of them ask you to drop your car off first thing in the morning and they then call you once it is ready.

If your car fails an MOT the garage is not allowed you to take the car away unless your current MOT certificate is still valid, you have the necessary fixes done at the garage, or you confirm that you are having any repairs made at an alternative venue and you are driving the car straight there.

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The standard price for an MOT is around £54.85 but you will find many garages have deals on this amount with some even having a discount of 50%.

There are some very common reasons why cars fail their MOTs

  • Lack of screen wash in the reservoir on the day of the test
  • The car being full of rubbish and dirty windows
  • Stickers or items on the windscreen that block the view of the driver
  • A problem with the registration plate such as it being dirty, broken or missing completely.